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Language training that works for you

Learn to pronounce words, practice conversations, and get fine-grained feedback on your accent — all with our proprietary AI-powered technology.

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Enterprise-grade products, powered by AI✨


Your personal
language trainer

Cutting-edge AI, built for you

We’ve developed the first AI software that models the precise position of your tongue, just by listening to you speak.

Pronunciation meets customization

Uber-personalized textual feedback is paired with diagrams and videos that show you exactly how to move your mouth.

There's no one language to rule them all

Practice speaking any dialect of any language. We grade your pronunciation against reference audios which you can pick.


Your AI conversation

Dive into diversity

Understanding different accents is hard. Practice chatting with AI-generated clients featuring accents from around the globe.

Tailored scenarios, limitless possibilities

Customize conversation scenarios and topics to mirror real-life interactions at your hotel.

Respond, refine, repeat

Our AI serves as your friendly conversation tutor, offering tips to improve responses as well as real-time pronunciation feedback powered by Speakeasy Pronounce.


Your concierge

Conversational support on the fly

Talking to clients is tricky. Our live AI assistant tells you exactly what they're saying — in a language you understand.

Your pocket-sized translator

We translate your clients' speech into your preferred language, to help you focus on the conversation.

Never miss a beat

We suggest possible responses for you to deploy so you can speak with zero hesitation.


Simple and flexible

Free-of-charge pilot for 1 month


  • Access to all three tools — Speakeasy Pronounce, Speakeasy Chat, and ConciergeAI
  • Employee onboarding assistance and technical support
  • A voice in shaping the Speakeasy product suite

Monthly per-employee subscription thereafter

Exact price subject to negotiation

Ready. Set. Speak.

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